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Thank you for visiting the Relic Rack mansion of rock n roll memories for baby boomers of all ages. It is our goal to treat your eyes and ears to the music and nostalgia you love. If it's your first visit, thanks for stopping by; if you're a regular visitor, we appreciate your loyalty. For your convenience, we're open 24/7.

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RelicRack.com is an ongoing academic portfolio compiled during the career of veteran radio executive, personality and historian Richard Lorenzo who is a widely recognized expert in the field of social and cultural history.

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Relic Rack Listening Post
a Relic Rack 6-pack
Relic Rack Six-Pack
"Buddy Holly"
Relic Rack Going Places
The Relic Rack is Goin' Places

Truth, honesty, and the American way
Truth, Honesty and The American Way
The Golden Vault
The Golden Vault
Brown Songs
Playing Favoirites
Playing Favorites
"A Musical Road Map"
The Relic Rack Gold Mine
The Goldmine
"Summer's Past"
Jukebox Gems
Jukebox Gems
"All About Barbara"
Soung Souvenirs
Sound Souvenirs
"Real Places"
Flashback Files
Flashback Files
"Artists Who Took Their Names From Songs"
Top 40 music surveys, charts, lists and other nostalgia

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